Surprise Visit of Immigration Officers – What Do I Do?

Question: I applied for Permanent Residency about 2 and a half years ago. My wife and I have been married for about 3 years. Our marriage is totally legitimate. I have received no updates about my case this entire time, and a few days ago two Immigration officers suddenly dropped by my house and searched my entire house and asked me a bunch of questions about my wife and I. They took pictures of the entire house, even the photographs hanging on the wall. They even took pictures of my wife’s clothes and other things. As they were leaving they said if I had any further questions I should check online or call their customer service number. What does this all mean? Why hasn’t my application been approved yet? Why did they suddenly pop up out of nowhere and search everything? I’m a little nervous and scared now. What should I do? What is your experience with this?

Answer: Well, quite simply, they suspect you and your wife of having a fraudulent marriage. That’s the reason they came to house. They wanted to see what kind of bed you slept in. They wanted to look through your drawers to be sure that your clothes and your wife’s clothes were there. They wanted to see if everything was authentic. That you really lived in the same house and had a real marriage. If everything looks like it is being “staged” then that’s something which would work against you. If everything looked in order, and they thought it looked like a real home, and they came away with the impression that you two really loved each other and wanted to spend your lives together then the bottom line is that the visit will be something which will work to your advantage. Also, they can use the information searches to check against any information you will submit or may have submitted. For instance, did they look in the bathroom? Do you know what kind of shampoo your wife uses? Do you use the same kind of shampoo? Does she use some fancy shampoo and do you just use the cheapo stuff? If you really are living together you guys will know all those intimate details about one another. Those are the reasons why they searched your house.

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