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Why Hire an Immigration Lawyer?

You want to hire an Immigration Lawyer because Immigration Law is complex and the penalty for failing to do things right the first time can sometimes be very severe. Often in life there aren’t any second chances. This is especially true with regard to Immigration Law. One mistake on your immigration form could possibly ruin your dream of living and working in the United States. Also, it is far more difficult, time-consuming, and costly to fix immigration problems caused by inexperience and ignorance rather to avoid problems by doing things right the first time.

When Is it Time to Call an Immigration Lawyer?

  • If you are not sure about your eligibility for a green card or any other immigration benefit.
  • If you’ve been deported from the United States and you want to apply to return
  • If you’ve have had an application denied.
  • If you’ve been convicted of a crime or have committed a crime and you want to enter the United States or protect yourself from being removed from the United States.
  • If you have to request discretionary relief, such as asylum or a waiver, which requires making a persuasive case to immigration authorities to make an exception or offer you benefits that it might not ordinarily offer another applicant in your position.
  • If you are running into obstacles when attempting to obtain a USCIS green card, citizenship, or other immigration benefit by yourself.
  • If you require emergency assistance with an immigration issue.
  • If you’ve been informed that deportation or removal proceedings are being initiated against you.
  • If you want to move to the United States to work for a United States employer and this has not helped you with the immigration process.
  • If you have researched the application process and you’ve come to the awareness that the number of documents you must prepare is too confusing or time-consuming.
  • If you are applying for an investment-based visa such as an EB-5 Visa.

Why Hire Don Chairez?

  • Don is a former District Court Judge.
  • He has over 30 years of experience in Immigration Law and Criminal Law.
  • He understands how the different aspects of Immigration Law and Criminal Law intersect with one another. This is very important because quite often a lawyer who specializes in Criminal Law won’t know a thing about Immigration Law and which often leads to entirely preventable deportations. Don spends a lot of his time fixing the problems that other lawyers caused due to a lack of knowledge and experience regarding both Criminal & Immigration Law.
  • Don Chairez is a member of the American Immigration Lawyers Association (AILA) and therefore receives daily updates on U.S. immigration law. He attends regular immigration law classes as well. This is important because Immigration Law changes quite often.
  • He is the author of the PISTOL ballot initiative and thereby one of the few individuals to amend the Nevada Constitution through the very difficult ballot initiative process. The PISTOL ballot initiative prevents Government from abusing its Eminent Domain powers.
  • In 1995, Judge Chairez stopped the Las Vegas Redevelopment Agency from seizing the property of a small business owner simply to turn it over to a large, politically connected casino.  Judge Chairez was proclaimed the “Hero of Property Rights” by the newspapers as the land grab was clearly an abuse of the government’s abuse of eminent domain.
Immigration Lawyer - Los Angeles - Don Chairez

Immigration Lawyer – Los Angeles, California
Don Chairez

Other Facts About Don Chairez

  • He was born on September 29, 1955, in Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.
  • Don currently lives in Long Beach, California.
  • His father was a Korean War veteran, rising to the rank of Master Sergeant.
  • He spent his childhood on army bases throughout the United States and also in the Panama Canal Zone.
  • Don Chairez graduated with honors from high school in Sacramento, California, and from Loma Linda University.
  • His father died of cancer at an early age but Don was able to eventually overcome this difficulty, working while also attending college full-time. He eventually earned a scholarship to attend USC School of Law, graduating in 1980.
  • On February 12, 1984, Don married Maria Vasquez, an administrator with the California Department of Education. Dr. Maria Chairez currently works for the Garden Grove Unified School District.
  • Don accepted a position as a Deputy District Attorney in Nevada’s Clark County.
  • Governor Bob Miller appointed Don a District Court Judge in Clark County, NV in 1994.
  • When his first term as District Court Judge expired, Don was elected to the judgeship on his own receiving over 100,000 votes, or 57 percent of all votes cast.
  • Judge Chairez was named “Judge of the Year” in 1996 by the Nevada Conference of Police and Sheriffs.

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